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Garage Door & Opener Repairs Marietta, GA 770-871-2390The springs make your garage door operate efficiently and safely. But if they break, your door won’t work. It also creates a dangerous situation. The way springs work is by tension. Most breaks happen when the door is closed. But occasionally it happens when the door is opening, a real danger. The door can come crashing down, easily causing injury to you and damage to your car and possessions.

Call the professionals at Garage Door & Opener Repairs rather than trying to do the job yourself. Spring-related repairs need a high level of precision, the right tools and proper training. Our team of experts can fix the problem, including doing maintenance or replacement of the springs if needed. Whatever service you are looking for in the regions of Marietta, GA, Garage Door & Opener Repairs is the only company to be called.

At Garage Door & Opener Repairs, we can repair your springs quickly. We can explain the problem and do the repairs with the tools and parts we bring to your garage. We always include a variety of springs in the toolkit that we take to the job site. That way it is a simple matter to get the repair or replacement taken care of right away. We make sure your door opens and close properly and that you are entirely satisfied with the repair.

We also check the tension on your springs when we do the repair work. The tension needs to match the weight of the door in pounds and in tension. For example, a door that weighs 150 pounds needs a spring with tension strength of 150. This can get complex, which is why the work requires a professional, like the team at Garage Door & Opener Repairs. Hiring our professionals for any kind of garage door spring services in the Marietta, GA is highly beneficial. We understand the right combination and can fix the springs correctly. We have the expertise to handle all types of spring-related jobs.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs handle the weight of the garage door, using a strong beam that runs at the top of the door. Cables make the springs uncoil as the door goes up, then work in the opposite direct as the door goes down.

Your garage doors should go up and down smoothly, without creaking and excess movement. As long as the actions of your door mechanism are synchronized, that’s how it works. Torsion springs make it simple to manage the heavy weight of a garage door. Without them, it would just about impossible.

The strength and durability of the springs depends on their length, inside diameter and the size of the wire used. Each of these plays a part in how much weight a spring can safely handle and how long it lasts before breaking. A large spring can deal with doors of greater weight and resistance. Most residential garage doors need less than two springs to operate. On the other hand, commercial doors are bigger so they need two or more springs. The greater the weight of the door, the more springs it needs to function safely and easily.

Extension Springs

Extension springs work by extending and then constricting as the garage door moves up and down. They have areas made for mounting on a strong mechanism that is part of the garage door system. The springs constrict when the door opens and closes, offsetting the weight of the door. As the door goes up, the springs come together, which makes the door move up as far as it can. When the door is lowered, the springs go back to their original position.

All of these parts have a great deal of tension. Inexperienced do-it-yourselfers can easily get injured if they try to repair them. They can also damage the entire mechanism and the garage frame.

To catch problems early, get your garage door springs inspected occasionally. The experts at Garage Door & Opener Repairs can check for worn spots or areas that are broken and replace them. Our team has the training and the experience to spot problems before they cause major problems for your garage door system. They can handle all types of springs in a variety of garage doors.